WoodenBoat and Frenchboro fun

The morning of July 26th dawned much more quietly than the windy night we’d had in Center Harbor, and we got ourselves together to motor down and check out the WoodenBoat School, just a short hop away. We’d been here before and it was definitely worth a stop in to see what’s going on.

This is WoodenBoat School‘s 43rd year. They have lots of workshop buildings you can check out, and courses available all season. If we only had more time to hang out and learn some skills!

We poked around for a while and then decided to get moving to our next destination, Frenchboro, on Long Island.

Frenchboro is a quiet town on a quiet island, with access to 13.5 miles of hiking trails protected by the Frenchboro Island Preserve. We had some lunch and then headed to shore to check out a trail or two.

There wasn’t much in town – a little museum consisting mostly of antiques from the Lunt family households (the founding family in Frenchboro), a library that wasn’t open when we went by, a church, and Lunt’s Dockside Deli, which was reopened this year by a guy named Jason, who happened to be from Texas. We chatted with him a bit; he recruited a band mate of his (Davida, in the kitchen in the picture below) to join him in opening the restaurant and moorings back up this summer. We rented our mooring here from them; they are lovely people and they are making it work!

A couple views of the town:

We had a snack from the deli before we headed back out to the boat for the night, anticipating rain the next day but still excited to do some more hiking on shore.

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