The Crew

We are Patrick, Melissa, and Cecelia Schoonveld, previously of Jersey City, NJ, but now our home is our sailboat, Oestara. In June 2023, we closed up shop in Jersey City, moved aboard Oestara, and embarked on a year-long* sailing adventure.

*maybe longer – who knows?


Patrick hails from West Michigan, where he bought a Hunter 22 with his dad when he was 12. That’s all the spark it took to ignite his lifelong love of sailing. He’s always dreamed of living aboard and sailing without time constraints.

Superpowers: Macgyvering creative solutions (ask him about the time he created a makeshift anchor roller), whipping up fantastic meals, turning any distance with other boats in sight into a race, and finding the humor in everything.


Melissa grew up in Texas (gig ’em Aggies!) and moved to NYC after college. When she and Patrick met, she didn’t know much about sailing, but she was pretty much hooked after spending a week sailing with him on Lake Michigan. 15 years and three boats later, this adventure has been a long time coming!

Superpowers: Capturing moments on film, baking tasty treats, attempting to build an entire wardrobe of Lilly Pulitzer, and changing joker valves.


Cecelia was born in NYC in 2013 and has been sailing with her parents since she was a week old. She enjoys sliding across the cabin sole when the boat is heeled, she’s always up for a dinghy ride, and she’s a force to be reckoned with in fishing competitions. She and her best buddy Bunny are looking forward to many sunrises and sunsets on the water this year!

Superpowers: Spotting sea creatures, organizing cabinet contents, swinging from boat halyards, and writing excellent stories.