Hiking in Frenchboro, and a foggy trip to Swans Island

We got back onto the Frenchboro shore in the morning, hoping to beat the rain in the forecast and enjoy a hike around the north side of the island.

The views were pretty nice and the rain held off for us.

The green trees and all the granite cliffs really made for some pretty contrasts.

We eventually came to a beach on the other side of the island and stopped for a picnic lunch.

We also picked some wild blueberries on the trails, Cecelia made a fairy house, and we saw some pretty butterflies.

After our hike, we mailed postcards at the tiny post office, and it finally started raining. We also met another sailing family as we walked back to the dock – they were on a Moody called Indigo. (If you’re reading this, Malia and Charlotte, Cecelia says hello!) We stood around in the drizzle and chatted about living aboard and about some of their recommended Maine spots to check out. They told us that Burnt Coat Harbor on Swan’s Island, which was nearby, was fun, and we decided that we would head that way once we were back on the boat.

We stopped at the deli to try pickle pops (a post-hiking treat of frozen pickle brine! sounds crazy but it’s delicious!) and then got on the boat to get ready to leave.

Swan’s Island wasn’t far from us, but as soon as we left Frenchboro, the fog closed in and the ocean swell kicked up. It was a little over an hour of motoring through the fog, and we managed to get ourselves into the harbor and onto a guest mooring, having hardly been able to see the marks (and rocks, and islands) along the way. We trusted it would be a nice spot once we could see it!

Luckily, once the rain storm blew through, the fog cleared and we could see it was in fact a lovely harbor. Sunset did not disappoint and we looked forward to checking the area out the next day.

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