Walks for coffee and ice cream!

We spent the next day on Man-O-War, too, and the ladies decided to go for a nice long walk into town. No kids or husbands around! We headed for the coffee shop we’d heard about (coffee shops are few and far between in the Bahamas!), and it was a treat. Ann, the owner, was delightful, and had delicious food, pastries, and coffee. The coffee shop was also the heritage center/museum for Man-O-War, and we enjoyed seeing the history as well.

We got our fill of coffee and then wandered through town.

On our way back out to the beach, we stopped at The Shell Shop and found a few fun things we couldn’t pass up.

Laura also worked her magic with the camera again, getting us to fake laugh and chat our way through this walk. Don’t we look like we’re having a blast?

Ann, the owner of the coffee shop, had suggested we should have a wander through her garden on our way back to the beach. So we did! It was pretty gorgeous.

Once we got back to the boats, we all went for an afternoon swim off Alpenglo, and I scrubbed our dinghy bottom and Alpenglo‘s, too. No photo evidence, but I promise it happened.

Sunset was another pretty one, which we watched while we all walked back into town to the Snacky Shack for ice cream one last time. We definitely got our exercise on this day!

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