One more BBQ at Man-O-War

We decided with our friends that we’d do another beach bbq at Man-O-War on the night of the 18th. We really loved that anchorage and the great little hut on the beach!

We left the Parrot Cays and headed over to Marsh Harbor for a quick day stop to pick up dinghy fuel and groceries.

Off to Man-O-War we went after our errands were completed.

My afternoon task was to make biscuits to go with the bbq chicken, as requested by the other boats. They turned out pretty well this time around! Boat ovens aren’t the best but they can be convinced to do a good job. πŸ™‚

The weather was terrific and we enjoyed a lovely bbq. Laura Bell, on Epiphany, is a professional photographer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She took some beautiful pictures while we were on shore; here are a few of them for you to enjoy!

Sunset was a stunner. Hard to top days like this one!

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