Picking up crew, and a gorgeous Treasure Cay beach day

After all our fun on Man-O-War, we were headed back to Marsh Harbour yet again to do more laundry (how does it keep multiplying?!) and also to pick up our friend Nate, who would be joining us as crew for our passage back to the United States. We had been keeping an eye on the weather for weeks, crossing our fingers that a good window would establish itself in the last couple of weeks of April. So far, it wasn’t looking great, but we were hopeful that something would appear during the time that Nate would be with us. It’s super helpful to have a third adult on the boat for multi-day passages!

We anchored outside Marsh for the night, and had a lovely dinner at Wally’s.

Early in the morning, we tried to scoot over to one of the fuel docks at high tide, but no one was around to help us with fuel, and the tide was falling quickly…so we high-tailed it out of there and decided we’d reach out to the waterfront guy and meet up with him during the evening high tide instead.

Nate arrived around mid-day and we met him for lunch at Colours, then schlepped a bunch of groceries from Maxwell’s back to the boat. We picked up some fuel and then re-anchored for dinner and sunset.

The next day, we decided to head to Treasure Cay to once again cross paths with Alpenglo, Buffalo V, and Epiphany. We knew we couldn’t get inside the harbor at Treasure like they could, but the winds were predicted to be at an angle that meant the anchorage outside the harbor there should be okay as well.

Once we arrived, we dinghied in for what turned out to be one of the most gorgeous beach days we had in the Bahamas.

The beach was a short walk from the dinghy dock, and the sun was shining bright.

Laura shared this gorgeous photo of all of us hanging out in the water together, too:

We lingered for a long time, but eventually it was time to split up and head off to dinner on our own boat. The next day we planned to all head to Manjack Cay together, hoping to get some more wind protection as the winds shifted yet again…

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  1. By pure chance Cecilia may have beat me the 1st 20 times (and every time) in Mario Kart, but next time she won’t be so lucky!

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