Two Mornings in Maine

On Sunday, we had to get Lisa back to Rockland to pick up her car and head back to CT, so we dropped our mooring in Belfast in the morning and headed south.  We went through warm weather, cold weather, fog, and then blue skies, just on our way south for a few hours.  Didn’t rain, at least?

This boat stayed in the fog a long time before I could get a shot of her.

As we neared Rockland, though, again the skies cleared.

We dropped Lisa off, went on a grocery run, did laundry, and headed back to the boat.  It wasn’t a terribly photogenic day!  But here are a few photos from the evening. 

The next day, we decided to head for Bucks Harbor, a little cove at the northwest end of the Eggemoggin Reach.  

Cecelia entertained herself by creating a blanket fort in the salon, while we attempted to sail with the code zero (a big headsail for light breeze), but unfortunately it wasn’t helpful for very long–just not enough breeze! 

Coming into the harbor, you can see the bridge over the Eggemoggin reach as you look south. 

We found a guest mooring for Bucks Harbor Yacht Club and dinghied to shore.  BHYC is the third oldest yacht club in the US, and the clubhouse is a treasure trove of history.  The first club burgee to go through the Panama Canal and Cape Cod canal is proudly displayed, and the whole atmosphere is really like going back in time. Cecelia and Patrick played some wicked ping pong matches, too.

The view from the porch wasn’t bad either. 

We took a short walk into “town” and snapped a photo of Condon’s Garage.  If you have ever read One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey, you might recognize Condon’s!  Bucks Harbor is featured; Sal and her dad take the outboard motor to Condon’s to have it fixed.  (You might also remember Blueberries for Sal, another McCloskey book about the same family.)  

We also walked down to the public boat ramp and could see Oestara off in the distance at the end of the moorings. 

Back on the boat, we enjoyed a smoked mussels snack (we snagged these at the farmer’s market in Belfast – thanks, Lisa!) and watched some folks enjoy the light wind sailing.

Dusk settled in, and Cecelia pulled out her copy of One Morning in Maine.  It was fun to read it before bedtime and see the general store and Condon’s Garage in the illustrations.  Almost felt like we were part of the story. 

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  1. Awesome to read your writings it’s like I was there seeing all of it with y’all.
    You are a talented writer. Looking forward to your next post.
    That was a strange statue for sure lol.
    Safe travels and blue skies
    Love and prayers
    Phyllis and David

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