More Shore Adventures

The next morning, Lisa and I dinghied to shore early in the morning to stop at the Sailors Bakery, which hadn’t been open the day before, but we had a feeling it would be good. And indeed, those blueberry scones with lemon glaze were as good as they look. 

We headed back to the boat and got underway to our next destination, Belfast.  It was kind of grey out but we didn’t mind.  Cecelia and Lisa played the longest game of Sriracha ever.  (Cecelia eventually won.) 

We made it to Belfast in time for a trip to the united farmers market, and lunch.  The market was not too big but had some great booths, and we picked up steak, tuna, and greens for dinner.   We also headed over to Must Be Nice for lobster rolls, which hit the spot. 

We wandered a bit through town, poking into some game/toy stores and a pretty cool fabric and art supply store, and then found ourselves down by the waterfront, where we stumbled onto Marshall Wharf Brewing Company.  We had visited their spot in Belfast many years ago, but last we’d heard they had been flooded out and given up on the space. After a little internet research we discovered that some friends took over from the owners and gave the whole place a new lease on life, expanding it dramatically and keeping it going.  We tried some of their brews while we got off our feet for a little while.  Stop by if you are ever in Belfast, it’s a great spot on right on the water!

Our last stop was the local ice cream shop.  $3 for a cone!  Cecelia got key lime flavored with vanilla cookies in it, I got Maine blueberry, and Lisa got lemon with blueberries.   They did not disappoint! 

We had a sporty dinghy ride back out to our mooring, but we survived.  The fog rolled in (again) and we made steak and tuna for dinner.  

There was a fireworks display after dark, too – which was a nice surprise!

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