Swimming in a quarry?

July 28 brought us a nicer day in Burnt Coat Harbor, after the fog and stormy weather swept through the night before.

We decided to head to shore and walk out to the lighthouse we had passed on our way in, but hadn’t seen through the fog.

There were some National Park trails on the way there too so we took advantage of those.

The Burnt Coat Harbor Light has been fully restored by a community effort over the last 20 years. It’s pretty cool to read about! We walked around in the keeper’s house (it was really crowded, so I didn’t get any photos) and then hiked back to the boat via more trails.

We had also read that there was an old granite quarry on Swan’s Island that had become a freshwater swimming hole! It was a warm and sunny day and it looked like it was just a dinghy ride away, so we decided to go check it out.

Cecelia and Patrick swam and I waded around (it was just a little cold!), and Cecelia helped a little boy collect some sea creatures. We decided to leave…but returned pretty quickly as Cecelia hadn’t had enough yet! Patrick went back to the boat and came to get us later. First he stopped at a nearby house to get some lobsters for dinner. $9 each for 1 1/2 pound lobsters! Pretty darn good.

Cecelia and I stayed for a while longer and swam together across the quarry to crawl around on some granite blocks and look for more sea creatures. She also met some girls, London and Ella, who were visiting their gran on the island. We talked to their gran as we were leaving, and found out that she had homeschooled her sons and traveled the world with them. It was pretty cool to hear about.

The lobster was great for dinner (though Cecelia still won’t try it!), and night fell softly as the moon rose.

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    1. In some places you could walk on the granite stones, but it was pretty deep in the middle. It’s a big hole where they used to mine granite, so it has a bottom somewhere!

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