Onward to Southwest Harbor

We left Burnt Coat Harbor and Swan’s Island on July 29, and were glad to be able to see the lighthouse this time as we exited the harbor.

On our way to Southwest Harbor, we spotted an ocean sunfish! These crazy fish lay on their side near the surface and stick their side fin up out of the water, making them look kind of like a shark, but they wave the fin around, so it disappears and reappears. The theory is that they are sunning themselves to warm up after seeking food in deeper waters. A bizarre sighting for sure.

We pulled into the Hinckley mooring field at Southwest Harbor, grabbed a mooring, and headed to shore.

I had read about a place called Seafolk Sourdough that was only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and it was Saturday so I was determined to get there! We did, and we snagged a delicious baguette.

We also figured out that there was no way we were getting an Uber anywhere, and the grocery store was a lonnnng ways away. So we changed our plans and headed back to the boat, to get our cooler and dinghy to the other side of the harbor. We needed to pick up some parts that had been delivered to Hamilton Marine, so that was our first stop, at the lower town dock. Then we headed to the upper town dock to walk into the main part of town to explore and see if we could get a few things at the local market instead of going all the way to the bigger store.

The town wasn’t very big, but we found the Harbor Table and decided it was time for an afternoon drink and snack.

We stopped into the local market and picked up a few rather overpriced items (but also didn’t have to hoof it to the big grocery store in the heat, so….tradeoffs). It was a pretty low-key night after that.

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  1. Bealโ€™s Lobster Pot in SW Harbor is worth the dinghy ride, as is taking the dinghy to Little Cranberry Island and going on a hike and swim!

    1. We didn’t try Beal’s out yet, but we have stayed at Little Cranberry a couple of times and agree it’s great!

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