Stopping in Solomons

We bid Annapolis farewell on Friday the 13th and pointed the bow south toward a favorite stop of ours on the Chesapeake: Solomons Island.

It was a lovely day, and with winds out of the north, we were able to pole out the jib and sail “wing-on-wing” to get the best of the breeze from directly behind us (see featured photo at the top of this post).

As the Bay Bridge disappeared behind us, we trucked along. Eventually this guy passed us; always fun to see government vessels up close!

Eventually we pulled into Safe Harbor Zahnisers, where we planned to stay for the weekend. I threw our clothes into the brand new (and free!) laundry as soon as we got there, and Cecelia and I went for a pre-dinner snack at the restaurant on site.

Our friend Andrew drove up from Raleigh to visit for a couple of nights, and as a bonus, he transported our new (and very heavy) liferaft to us in his trunk! Friends are awesome.

The next day was supposed to be pretty rainy, so we went to check out the local Calvert Marine Museum. They had some cool exhibits about local fossils, sea life, otters, lighthouses, all sorts of stuff!

It was pretty damp, but we still had a great time!

On Sunday, the boys moved the liferaft from the car onto the boat, and acquired some tools for a couple of projects, before Andrew got back on the road. I’ll spare you all the whining and the details, but in addition to doing more laundry (washed alllll the linens and towels – so nice!), Patrick and I wound up working on both heads (again!) for quite a lot of Sunday. When all was said and done, though, it seemed like we may have sent the gremlins away again. Here’s hoping.

By sundown, we were feeling much better after taking hot showers, stopping for some wine at the bar, and knowing we again had a boat with two happy heads. Our cute kiddo had also spent much of the day creating Halloween decorations, so we also had one very spooky boat. I’ll post more photos later but here’s one of the garland she put together.

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