Last days in Annapolis

We spent two weeks on the mooring in Annapolis, and as you’ve seen from the other posts, we did projects, made friends, had adventures, and just generally enjoyed being there.

Before I wrap up our final night in Annapolis, I have a number of photos from those two weeks that didn’t make it into the other posts, so here they are for your enjoyment:

On our last day in Annapolis, Melissa’s friend Leigh stopped by to see the boat and say hello (thanks, Leigh!) and that night, we attended a dinner in Edgewater held by the Salty Dawg Sailing Association, which is the group organizing the sailboat rally we are joining to head south. It was pretty fun to meet lots of people who are excited for the winter ahead! We also got to hear Gary Jobson speak, which is always a good time (he is a very accomplished and much-admired sailor, and an excellent storyteller).

We Ubered back from Edgewater to the dinghy dock in Eastport, and enjoyed this beautiful view of the mooring field as we dinghied back to our mooring (Oestara is just to left of center in the photo) one last time.

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