Spending time in Spanish Wells

The morning of November 27th, we got up and got moving. We were headed over to pick up a mooring at Spanish Wells, which was just an hour or so from the anchorage at Royal Island.

Spanish Wells is on an island called St. George’s Cay, just off the northern tip of Eleuthera. Here’s our view from the mooring we picked up at the east end of town.

We went into town to pay for our mooring at the local supermarket and to take a walk.

After a walk around town, we headed over to Wreckers for drinks, and then wound up staying for dinner. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to cook and do dishes! The bartender made me an excellent Pina Colada…and one for Cecelia, too (no rum in hers, though!)

We caught a nice sunset as well.

The next day, we decided to check out the beach on the north side of the island. It was beautiful, with shallow clear water for a long ways out from the shore, and a sandbar we could walk all the way out to as well.

The water between the sandbar and the shore was like a big swimming pool! It was shallow enough to stay warmer than most ocean water, and super easy to explore since you could truly walk around it or through it.

We happily enjoyed time at this beach both in and out of the water, before making our way back to Oestara on her mooring.

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