Ferries and taxis take us to Harbour Island

We had heard Harbour Island was a neat spot, so we decided to take a ferry over to it on Wednesday the 29th to see what it had to offer. We caught a water taxi at the dock in Spanish Wells, which took us to a dock that was honestly not all that far from our mooring, but was on the mainland of North Eleuthera instead of on St. George’s Cay.

From that second dock, we had to get a taxi to take us to the dock on the other side of North Eleuthera, which is where we could then get the ferry across to Harbour Island. The BTC cell phone tower seemed to be down, so the ferry driver and his family (they own the ferry service) actually helped us get in touch with a taxi. Mattey picked us up in a black minivan and took us to dock number three. He told us to call him when we got back that afternoon and he’d get us back to dock number two for our return home.

We arrived at Harbour Island after a short ferry ride from North Eleuthera. As per usual, we went for a wander through town to see what we could find.

The first place I wanted to stop was Arthur’s Bakery, for a pastry snack.

Cecelia had a pain au chocolat, I had a cinnamon twist, and Patrick had a pineapple turnover. Yum! After that, we walked to the other side of the island to see the pink sands beach.

The sand was very soft, and not as white as it had been on other beaches…I suppose I’ll let them call it pink. 🙂

We walked along the shore and found a spot called Teejays, where we could get food and drinks and rent beach chairs and umbrellas. They even had horseback riding on the beach (which we did not take part in, but the horses were cute).

It was a relaxing afternoon.

After lots of sun, sea, and sand, we made our way back to the ferry dock and managed to time it exactly right, as one was waiting and ready to go. When we arrived in North Eleuthera, Patrick got through to Mattey, who then came to get us in a different car than he had earlier in the day, so he had to roll down his window and holler to get our attention. Back to ferry dock #2 we went, and as we pulled up, the ferry was pulling away. Mattey laid on the horn and said “I can’t let them leave you here waiting on my watch!” Sure enough, the ferry that had just pulled out turned around and picked us up. We were grateful for his insistence!

Back on the boat, we had dinner, and then headed to shore to order a dessert Cecelia had been wanting since we arrived and that we promised she would get before we left: Chocolate Lava Cake. I totally forgot to get a picture, but she was pretty happy about it.

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