Passage to Eleuthera

The morning of the 26th, we got up at 0600 and made some coffee to ready ourselves for departure from the Abacos. Sunrise was encouraging!

We headed out Little Harbour Cut with our sails up, ready for a good passage to Eleuthera. With any luck, we’d be in Royal Island Harbour before 3 pm.

Straightforward passages with not a lot of traffic around are pretty nice; we can spend time reading, listening to podcasts, talking about plans, or just quietly enjoying the sun and the water.

We did have two freighters cross us at one point. That was fun to watch.

Cecelia wrote a message and taped a boat card to it, then stuffed it in an empty rum bottle and tossed it overboard. Who knows, maybe someday she’ll hear from someone who finds it on a beach!

We saw some flying fish, but we didn’t have any bites on our lines until we caught a small tuna late in the day.

It was a great day for sailing; we sailed close-hauled (upwind) almost the whole way, and the wind finally went too far right for us to carry the sails about 30 mins out from Egg Island (where we would have had to put them away anyway to motor through a narrow cut).

We pulled into the anchorage in Royal Island Harbour around 1500, and dropped our anchor. There isn’t anything to see at Royal Island, it’s just a good place to park your boat for a night when it’s too close to sunset to go any further. (Sunset is around 1715, and at that time it’s DARK.) We would stay here for the night and move to Spanish Wells the following day.

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  1. It’ll be the Geminids meteor shower peak on Wed/Thu (Dec 13-14) – if there are no clouds you should have a great view of the shooting stars!

    1. Thanks, Adrian! Sadly, a bit too cloudy here with the weather moving through for us to get a good view…will try again tonight!

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