Snorkeling at Sandy Cay once more

The whole reason (aside from coconut margaritas, of course) we had headed south to Tilloo Cay was to get set up to head back for another snorkeling adventure at Sandy Cay. We had been to Sandy Cay in the fall with Carosy, and we were excited to go back and enjoy it again, as well as introduce our friends on Alpenglo and Buffalo V to all the great underwater life we’d seen there.

We headed over to Sandy Cay in the morning and anchored to the northwest of the reef. It was a windy day and the anchorage was a bit rolly, but we figured we could still make it work. We let things settle in while we waited for the other two boats to arrive; they had gone around the outside instead of down the bay like we had, so they had a little further to go than we did.

Eventually everyone made it in and anchored, and we all loaded up our dinghies to tie up near the snorkel sites. The snorkeling was not as calm and placid as it had been for us back in the fall, but it was still entirely worth it. We even remembered the GoPro this time! Still not fantastic pictures, but you’ll get the idea. And the spotted eagle rays were around again, too!

The current shifted while we were snorkeling, and the visibility got a little worse, so we all wrapped it up and headed back to our boats. We were so glad that everyone enjoyed it; we all agreed it was the best and healthiest sea life we’d seen this season so far.

The anchorage we were in was really only meant for daytime stops, so we all headed north again to find a place to stay overnight. We wound up going to the southern anchorage at Tilloo Cay, which we had been to in the fall as well. By the time we got there, we were pretty wiped out from all the swimming and had a restful night at anchor to recover.

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