Parrot Cays for a stop in Hope Town

We decided to head back north for a stop at Parrot Cays on April 16. The Parrot Cays provide an anchorage near Hope Town that is a good spot for our deeper draft boat. (We picked up a mooring when we visited Hope Town for the first time back in November, but in high season, those moorings are packed and pretty close together, so we decided to give that a pass this time around.)

We anchored a couple of times before we found a spot we were happy with, and I dove on the anchor to make sure we were in good shape to be able to leave the boat and head ashore for a while. You can see how clear the water was, and our anchor also had a happy little (kind of big, actually, maybe about 10 inches across?) sea star friend nearby!

We dinghied off to the harbor at Hope Town, and on our way in, we spotted Explorer; we stopped to say hi and chat with them for a few minutes as we hadn’t seen them in a while. Once we were on our way again, we headed inside the harbor and tied up at the north town dock. We walked over to Vernon’s Grocery to see about some bread, but it unfortunately had closed early that day, shucks! We headed back to Cap’n Jacks for a snack, and met some folks at the next table who happened to be originally from Newport, RI. We traded stories and recommendations with each other; it’s funny how small this world is sometimes.

We walked around town a bit; it was a beautiful day.

We moved the dinghy to the main town dock to meet Alpenglo and their friends on Epiphany. We all hopped in a shuttle to head over to On Da Beach for dinner.

I managed to take exactly no photos of our group at the beach bar, but it was a nice night. I did take a photo of the sky at dusk. And the shuttle was nowhere to be found when it was time to head back to the dock, so we all had a pretty dark walk back to town, but we made it just fine.

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