Tilloo Cay and Lubbers Landing

After having all that fun on Man-O-War, we decided to head somewhere new the next morning around 11:30. Our destination this time was Tilloo Cay, where we planned to anchor for the night. Alpenglo and Buffalo V decided to also head in a similar direction, but they planned to anchor off Tahiti Beach for the night. (We can’t get in there because our draft is too deep.)

We had heard that the bar at Lubbers Landing, which was near both anchorages, was making coconut margaritas and had some kind of wood-fired pizza thing going on, and it would be just a dinghy ride away. Consider it done!

It was a nice sail down, and we were looking forward to another quiet anchorage and a fun dinner ashore.

The coconut margarita was as advertised, and delicious. The pizza oven was painted to look like a grouper! Pretty cool.

Cecelia enjoyed playing with a big Jenga game. There was also a hook and ring game inside that was pretty fun – you could even try to wrap the ring around a pole and then unwind it to swing back onto the hook…which was way too advanced for me (but we watched someone else do it!)

The pizzas and drinks were great, and we enjoyed finding another favorite spot to hang out. All in all, another successful outing!

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