Seal Harbor

The next day we stopped at the Hinckley dock for fuel, water, and a pump out, and then we made a quick north + east jump from Southwest Harbor over to Seal Harbor.

We tried to hail the yacht club there to no avail, so we looked around in the harbor and picked up a mooring that seemed to be not used often, but was nice and heavy.

There was a public boat dock nearby so we dinghied over and tied up, then walked up the road past the Seal Harbor Yacht Club (you can also see their clubhouse building in the photo above). After walking past a lovely beach, we came to a little shop called the Naturalist’s Notebook and stopped in to check it out. It is the coolest place! Like a museum, game room, and bookstore all rolled into one. All the rooms are arranged by topic or timeframe (birds, or continents, or a certain period in Earth’s history, for example), and there are books, games, and all sorts of things to explore, some for sale and some just to interact with at the store. It’s definitely worth a stop.

We went a little further up the road (you could blink and miss the main “street” of Seal Harbor) and stopped at the Acadia Sports Store for some Pugnuts Gelato. It’s apparently a local Maine thing, and it was a cool and delicious snack.

We decided to hang out in Seal Harbor for the night, so we headed back to the boat to get our swimming stuff and go check out that beach.

We stayed for a while, walking in the (very cold!) water, checking out out the clams spitting water up out of the sand, and looking through all the rocks for sea glass (no luck). Eventually we packed up and headed back to the boat again.

The moon rose beautifully in the sky that night; the pictures don’t do it justice!

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