Sailing from Eleuthera back to the Abacos

April 3rd brought us the southerly wind we were hoping for to leave Eleuthera and head north to the Abacos. Sails went up shortly after we weighed anchor. It was a pre-dawn exit, but the sunrise quickly followed.

Patrick put out the lines, hoping to catch some fish on the crossing (we got skunked, sadly).

It was a bit of a rolly downwind sail heading north, but we made good time.

We dropped the anchor off Tom Curry Point outside Little Harbour in the Abacos, and headed in to Pete’s Pub for dinner. We were here for Thanksgiving dinner last year (!) and were excited to return.

This time, the gallery was open, so we got to check out the many bronze sculptures before we went to get dinner. (The family that owns Pete’s is a family of artists, and they have a working foundry on site!)

The next day the weather was pretty grey and rainy, so we stayed put and caught up on school and boat tasks. It was so uneventful that I took not a single photo! Some days are definitely more photo-worthy than others.

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