Current Cut

Hard to believe we have already reached the 1st of April! We decided to celebrate the new month by heading across the bight of Eleuthera and through Current Cut.

It was another light wind downwind day, so we mostly wound up motoring.

Mid-day we did drift for a little while with the jib up, just trying to time our approach to the cut for the tide. It didn’t last long, though, and we were back to motoring.

We timed the cut well and had no issues getting through.

After we motored through, we tried to turn south and anchor near the cut on the southwest side, but the anchor didn’t bite well enough. Cecelia and I dove on it to check, and it was basically just lying atop the sand over hard ground, with a little tiny bit of one fluke dug in. Nope…time to find another spot.

We pulled up the anchor and went to the northwest side of the cut instead. We found the holding there was much better.

The next day we had school in the morning, and then took our dinghy into the cut, where Cecelia and Patrick did a drift snorkel through the cut with the current.

They didn’t manage to get fun photos under the surface of the water because they were moving pretty fast! They definitely had fun, though.

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