A quick visit to Snake Cay

We got the heck out of that rolly anchorage near Little Harbour and headed north on the morning of April 5, enjoying the pretty blue skies.

We decided not to go all the way up to Hope Town as we had planned, as we’d need to anchor outside and the wind protection would be not so great. Instead, we dropped our anchor where we’d have a bit more wind protection at Snake Cay.

Snake Cay used to be the headquarters for a timber operation, and all that is left now is a big rusty seawall that you can see around the shoreline.

There is a small cut that goes into the mainland, and has a bunch of shallow waters through mangroves and such. We didn’t have a lot of dinghy fuel left, so we didn’t get a chance to explore all of that, but we did decide to try a drift snorkel with the current through the cut. Patrick and Cecelia went first while I followed in the dinghy, and then I jumped in with Cecelia while Patrick manned the dinghy for a bit. The current was pretty swift, so it was hard to get photos, but Cecelia did her best.

We settled back onto the boat for the night, and planned to head to Marsh Harbour the next day to get a bunch of things done: we needed to get dinghy fuel, do some loads of laundry, and pick up groceries.

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