Sailing back to the Exumas

We woke at dawn on the 27th, raised our mainsail in the Old Bight harbor and headed out – Exumas bound again! Sadly, we hadn’t gotten much sleep overnight, thanks to Cecelia waking us up more than once about mosquitos in her cabin. (She was right, but still…parents need sleep!)

A squall came past and completely soaked Oestara; even our dodger was dripping (note to self: re-waterproof dodger). That set the tone for the rest of the morning, as squalls rolled over us off and on while we sailed onward.

The others in the anchorage were headed out too, and all raised sails behind us.

Eventually the skies cleared and the wind cooperated for a nice sail up to Staniel Cay and the Majors. We even saw a nice rainbow!

Around 2 pm we found ourselves with three mahi on our three fishing lines all at the same time! It was a scramble to figure out how to get them all pulled in, and in the process we lost the two bigger mahi on our outside lines, but got one smaller female on our middle line. Tasty mahi for dinner!

We pulled into Top of the Majors, north of Staniel Cay, and dropped the hook. It was quiet, with not too many boats around. We knew we’d want to be here for protection from westerly winds coming soon.

That mahi made an excellent dinner, and sunset bid the day farewell.

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  1. Wow, that’s dinner sure looked good! Do you have a smoker on board? We have a small one we can use on the stove/grill. Helps to keep the fresh prepared and fresh longer. I guess you’re all dried up again☺️

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