Settling in at the Top of the Majors

We settled in for what we expected to be a few days at Top of the Majors. A friendly nurse shark adopted our boat–we think he must have spotted the mahi remains that Patrick threw overboard the night before. And we had more mahi for lunch – this time, ceviche!

We watched a few more boats join us in the anchorage on the 28th, and one couple came by to say hello and invite us to the beach. We were headed that way ourselves, so we joined in. We also brought along one of the coconuts we had gotten on Cat Island, as opening them up is a bit messy and best done on the beach.

We also dinghied over to the Sampson Cay Sandbar, which only appears at low tide. It was pretty cool!

Back at the boat, we cracked the inside of the coconut fully open, drank the fresh coconut water, and peeled out the flesh for snacking!

A couple of days later (we had a couple of boring windy days filled with school and boat tasks) we dinghied over to some islands north of the anchorage, and discovered some beautiful limestone cliffs, neat rock pools, and tons of great shells.

After we’d explored the tide pools thoroughly, we headed to another beach nearby and checked things out there. Gotta stop at all the spots when you’re trying to enjoy the sunny moments between windstorms!

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