From New Bight to Old Bight

On January 26th, we got up early and dinghied to shore to return the rental car. We picked up a few groceries while we were at the store. We asked the guy helping us if he could drop me off at the laundromat and Patrick back at the dinghy dock (if you rent a car, they will happily take you back to wherever you want to be dropped off after you return it). He was happy to do both, but said the laundromat wasn’t actually open yet. Then he said no worries, he’d open it up early for me! He and his wife apparently own it. He also had to run a forgotten lunch over to his daughter’s school, so he set me up with the washers and took off for a little while to do that. He also left me extra tokens for the machines to give out in case anyone else showed up while he was gone. I was pretty grateful to get an early start on the laundry!

Once the laundry finished up, I walked back to the beach, and Patrick dinghied over to pick me up. I walked past the fish fry/regatta site and took a few pictures.

Back on the boat, we readied everything for departure. It would be a quick jib-out sail down to Old Bight, about 4 miles away.

Once we arrived, we dinghied to shore at Rolleez Resort, hoping to have lunch there. Turned out the kitchen staff had left because they didn’t have any reservations booked for lunch. The guy in charge said he’d call to see when they would be back. The beach at the resort was beautiful–some of the prettiest colors we’ve seen–and we lounged on some chairs while we waited to hear about lunch. We ran into Carl from Pelican on shore, and Tom and Anna from Senora came to shore too.

Eventually Patrick checked back in with the owner and was told the kitchen staff wouldn’t be back–but the owner instead suggested we walk to a local gas station where they were doing pizzas for lunch. Sounded like a good adventure, and we were pretty hungry, so we set off to find it.

It wasn’t too far to walk, and it was a nice day. Once we got there, it turned out the service station is a gas station, car repair shop, plant nursery, church, hairdresser….and a pizzeria on Fridays. The ladies making pizza were as nice as could be, and the pizza was fresh, delicious, and hit the spot. This kind of local find is what makes the Bahamas really fun sometimes!

After lunch, we walked back to Rolleez and sat on the beach for a while. Cecelia and Patrick played bocce with Carl, Tom, and Anna, and some Scots who were staying at the resort. I just enjoyed the view.

We got back to the boat pretty early in the evening to cook dinner and rest up, as we knew we’d have an early departure the next day to leave Cat and head back over to the Exumas.

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