Raining in Baltimore*

*The rain didn’t really stay for long…but I felt compelled to take this opportunity to use a Counting Crows song title. πŸ™‚

The storm passed without much incident, and we decided to check out a local oyster joint on our last night in Baltimore. Cecelia did not eat oysters, but she did think the tiny fork that came with them was fun. (She still turns up her nose at all seafood, raw or cooked.)

One more fun thing about Baltimore before we head off to our next destination: there was a trash wheel near our marina that we thought was pretty cool. Let’s just agree that Baltimore’s waterways aren’t the cleanest. This trash wheel collected down-current trash into a dumpster, and boy was that dumpster full! We had fun checking it out and learning about how it works. You can find out more about the Professor and her pal, Mr. Trash Wheel, on Facebook.

The next morning, we stopped at the grocery store in the morning, then got busy untying from the dock and extricating Oestara from her slip. Just as we were free from the dock, we realized we forgot to leave behind the keycards that we had been using at the marina. We decided to tie back up to a face dock on the other side of the pier that our slip was on, and Patrick went to drop the keycards off.

With that bit of administration taken care of, we could get on our way! We decided that after days of being at a dock, we’d go anchor in the Magothy River, a quiet spot just a couple of hours from Baltimore.

The day stayed pretty cloudy and dark, but the rain held off for us as we made our way up the Magothy River and turned into Broad Creek. We dropped the anchor right near a cool house called the Glass House, which is a bit of an architectural jewel around here.

It was a quiet place to spend the night. The next day, the weather got wetter and foggier, so we decided to stay put. Sometimes just being on the water with no traffic around, snug inside our boat, is pretty darn nice.

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