Arriving in Annapolis

Spending a couple of nights in Broad Creek on the Magothy was a nice quiet reset before we set off for Annapolis. We were excited to move on, though, as we have been looking forward to seeing Annapolis again! (We kept Oestara at a slip there for a few months after we took ownership of her down in Charleston, SC in August 2019.)

Sailing under the Bay Bridge, which connects the western and eastern shores of Chesapeake Bay, is always nice. There’s usually a lot of activity in this area – sailing, racing, cargo ships, you name it.

We thought we might moor or anchor in Back Creek, but it was pretty crowded, so we waved at our old slip and headed off to the main mooring field right by the Naval Academy in downtown Annapolis.

We found a mooring by the entrance to “Ego Alley” and snagged it. The harbormaster came by and told us we’d actually have to move to another mooring in a few days because ours would be unavailable for a few days in the middle of our stay, on account of them needing to move all the boat show equipment and docks into the harbor. So we just shifted over one mooring to a mooring that we could stay on with no interruptions. Always good to feel like you aren’t going to be kicked out at some point!

We hopped in the dinghy and went to shore to check things out. Annapolis is set up really well for visiting boats, with dinghy docks or tie ups at parks, or at the end of streets that dead end at the shore. One of them is smack in the middle of town, up Ego Alley and into the town square, basically. Patrick tied us up and we walked over to Pussers for drinks.

We aren’t in the Caribbean yet, but if we close our eyes, the painkillers at Pussers sure do taste like the Caribbean! Cecelia tried her hand at crabbing off the dock with some hot dogs on a string. The crabs were pretty sneaky and managed to eat a lot of her bait.

At sundown, the cannon went off and we could also hear a trumpeter close out the day at the Naval Academy. Glad to be back here in Annapolis!

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