Jellies, anemones, and eels, oh my!

With the weather looking kind of wet and drab (and possibly not really all that tropical-storm-y), we decided to head over to the National Aquarium on Saturday morning the 23rd.

We saw so many cool things! Lots of fish, sharks, birds, reptiles, rays, and tons of other creatures.

Cecelia was brave and touched the moon jellies.

A sea star and a moray eel obliged us with photos.

This electric eel (which is actually a knifefish, not an eel!) uses her own electricity to power her tank. It was super cool to see.

Cecelia’s favorite things were the anemones, and mine were the jellyfish.

Patrick liked the sharks, but I didn’t get a good shark photo. This sawfish will have to do (it’s actually a type of ray, believe it or not!)

The birds were pretty cool, too!

Cecelia had a great time; I think she’ll probably remember Baltimore better this time around.

On our way to meet our friend Phil for lunch, we spotted this cute crab claw art on a wall.

And what better way to close out the day than playing MarioKart with Phil on the big screen in the boat?!

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  1. I was diving in the Caymans, and we were looking at the amazing coral reef. I was going up the wall, looking at everything. All of a sudden, I realized that I was face to face with an eel face about 2 feet from mine, similar to your picture! Luckily, it didn’t do anything, but I was sure moving backwards!! A heart pumping moment.

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