Lynyard Cay layover

After our awesome underwater adventure, we said “see you next time!” to Carole and Hugh, who were heading north back to some of the places we’d already visited. We motored down to Lynyard Cay to drop anchor for a night or two, while we waited for the weather to be right for a jump out of the Abacos to the island of Eleuthera.

Sunrise the next morning was a layered one.

We decided to dinghy over to check out the beach on the cay.

We waded around in the clear water and found lots of cool things to inspect.

It was a fun exploration. We jumped back in the dingy and headed back to the boat for a quiet night in, as we were set for an early wakeup to depart for Eleuthera the next morning. (And some days are just less jam packed than others!)

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