Our first week of home sweet Oestara

We have been settling into the boat as our home over the last week. Some parts have been more fun than others!

We got here on Friday night the 23rd, and boy was it a weird feeling knowing we’d not be going home to Jersey City again! We had a good night’s sleep on the boat and then the next morning, Cecelia went to hang out with friends for the morning while Patrick and I drove to the storage unit yet again to drop off some more stuff. (How much stuff could we possibly have?! It’s boggled our minds.) The mission went off without a hitch, almost…except for forgetting to unload Cecelia’s mattress and having to turn back around to do that. And dodging lots of rain/fighting with the tarp/hoping for the best for all the stuff in the back of the truck.

After that mission was complete (and grabbing tasty bagels at Devine’s in Milford), we joined Cecelia and our friends for lunch and some swimming at Riverside in Cos Cob, which was delicious and fun. (Hi Glenns!)

We met up with the Dempseys back at the club that evening for a really pretty night on the water. Katherine treated Cecelia to a dinghy ride, and we enjoyed the beautiful skies as the sun set.

We spent the next day loading the rest of the stuff into the boat. It was not pretty while in progress.

I promise we found homes for all of this stuff (and more!) But I did make yet another trip to storage to get rid of excess things on Monday morning before we returned the rental car. Some clothes, toys, books, bags, and other items get to spend the year in storage instead of on the boat with us!

Cecelia went with me to storage and we stopped at Devine’s together. The rainbow bagel was a big hit.

Patrick continued to work from the boat and the club this week – he had lots of conference calls. We did take a little break to check out Rye Playland on Wednesday; Cecelia liked the ferris wheel the best.

The club had a lobster dinner Wednesday night and we met up with our friends Lisa and Eric to enjoy a great meal and a lot of laughs. Cecelia also made friends with a ladybug on the lawn.

In general, we’ve been slowly settling in and making sure things are ready for departure. We’ve got a little bit left to do before we shove off for Maine – scrubbing the boat, cleaning the topsides, fixing a couple of things, and getting our final provisions in. But we’ve had a bunch of fun seeing friends in between all that getting ready stuff. Work hard, play hard!

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  1. I’m dizzy with your planning and prep! For how many years did you plan this? I’m astounded and impressed!

    1. This adventure has been ten years in the making–we set this goal when I was pregnant with Cecelia. Pretty cool that it all came together right on time! A little luck, a lot of planning, and a ton of willpower. 🙂

  2. I am so impressed that you’ve coordinated all “the things”. Not surprised it’s just a lot! Off to a good start. Love the pictures!

  3. Enjoy your first leg to Maine. Hoping the smoke clears and the winds allows for some sailing! Thanks for the shout out ❤️

  4. Wow y’all got a lot of stuff into that
    Beautiful sail boat. Have a wonderful time and prayers for safe travels.
    Love y’all
    Phyllis & David

  5. Look forward to reading about your adventures at sea! If you have any plans in the Chesapeake, let us know. We have a dock in a nice deep water creek off the Magothy River, house and car should you need. Safe travels!
    All the best,
    Jill and Damon

  6. Dear Melissa, Patrick, and Cecelia,
    I think it is really cool that you saw a fox! I am following you and all of your photos! The way that you guys write makes me want to make my own blog! I love you !🥰😝😇🌛


  7. The pictures are awesome ( they make me want to be there myself ).
    Oh and Cece: I miss you soooooo much!!! Good luck on your trip:)

    1. Julianna, thanks for following along! Glad you are enjoying the pictures! Cecelia misses you too and will send you an email (via your mom’s email address) soon!

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