Northeast Harbor

We headed north from Little Cranberry on August 1, and just a short distance away, we tucked into Northeast Harbor.

Northeast is a popular stop, and the inner harbor was pretty tightly filled with moorings. We hailed the harbormaster and asked about any open spots, and were told to wait until the mooring coordinator got to work mid-morning (admittedly, we arrived before the usual mooring turnover time of around 11 am).

We picked up an open mooring just to wait until we could find out for sure if we could get an assignment for the night. Once we were secured on that temporary mooring, Cecelia and I hopped in the dinghy and headed to shore. We had heard good things about both the full service laundromat in town and the Colonel restaurant’s homemade donuts, so figured we might as well make those things happen while we waited for a verdict on a mooring for the night. We hoofed it up the hill to the laundromat and were told the laundry would be ready by end of day. Then it was over to the Colonel’s, where there were lots of good donut choices (Cecelia’s favorite was the vanilla twist).

The dinghy dock was pretty crowded, and Mommy’s dinghy driving skills are, shall we say, in development. Exiting the dinghy dock was an exercise in bumper cars but we managed to get ourselves extricated! (Cecelia thought it was pretty funny, to boot, and there were no witnesses nearby…)

As we arrived back to the boat minus the laundry and plus a few donuts, Patrick had sorted out a floating dock assignment for us. We were determining which side we’d need to dock on and how to approach that spot, when another boat happened to drop their mooring that was big enough for us. The mooring coordinator let us take that spot instead. Woohoo! We moved over to that ball, packed up and headed to shore.

As always, we stopped at the library for some free wifi. While we were there, though, the wifi went out! The librarians were stumped; this had apparently never happened before.

We moved on to go get some lunch instead. Then I stayed on shore near the harbor offices to keep working on my computer (photo uploading, blog posts, and emails all take a while!) while Cecelia and Patrick went for a hike.

We eventually picked up our laundry and headed back to the boat, but not after a big rainstorm came through. The harbor had a glassy look to it as we headed back out.

We FaceTimed with Nana and Papa (strong enough cell service for FaceTime is hard to come by!) and showed them around the boat and the harbor. They even got to see a seal while we were on the call!

The storm clouds gathered again as we got dinner and our evening routine going.

Made for a colorful end to the day for sure!

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