Bah Hahbah

We made a quick trip to shore again at Northeast Harbor on the morning of August 2nd for two reasons – one, a pillowcase was missing from our freshly laundered sheets, and two, we wanted another round of donuts. The journey was a success on both counts, and also featured much smoother dinghy operation by Mommy. Cecelia also stopped for a photo with this shell statue because it was kinda cool.

We headed back to the boat and readied here for a sail to Bar Harbor, where we planned to meet Bill and Jan (Patrick’s dad and stepmom) for two days of adventures. It was a stunningly blue day, after the rainstorms of the day prior, and there was actually just a whisper of a breeze, so sail we did.

We motored in the rest of the way after dropping our sails, then picked up a mooring and headed to shore to check out the big town (well, bigger than a lot of towns we’d seen lately, anyway!)

The harbor looked pretty from shore! Have I mentioned how much I love the skies and clouds in Maine? (when you can actually see them, that is…)

We wandered through town and came upon the path to walk out on the land bridge that connects Bar Harbor with Bar Island, but only appears for 90 minutes before and after low tide.

Pretty soon it was time for a drink and a snack. We stopped at an oyster bar called The Barnacle to try some local oysters called Bar Harbor Blondes. Then it was off to Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream for some local ice cream flavors. I had Lemon Poppyseed Jam, Patrick had Fresh Mint, and Cecelia opted for a “split single” of Fresh Mint and Callebaut Chocolate.

We had dinner aboard that night, and then watched a blazing sunset.

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