Good eats in North Haven

On the 21st, we got up in the morning and headed back to Journey’s End for fuel, water, and a pumpout to tell us once and for all if our head woes were over for now.

We flled the water tanks, tried to top off our fuel tank but the fuel pump was too super fast, so we aborted that mission, and hip hip hooray, the pump out worked like a charm on both tanks.  Whew!

Off we went, headed to North Haven, an island just north of Vinalhaven, across Penobscot Bay.  It wasn’t super blue sky but it was not foggy or raining, so we were pretty happy with that.

Lisa made us Wendy Lotz’s margaritas at midday.  Delicious!

The skies improved as we neared North Haven, and when we arrived we headed to shore to walk around.

This giant lobster claw was worth a photo, or two.

We poked around the main street and wandered a bit too.

We stopped in the town library for a bit to borrow the wifi and look around.  The young adult room was well stocked! 

We stopped at Calderwood Hall for drinks and pre-dinner snacks, and outside there was a cherry tree with an invitation to help yourself.

Then we headed to Nebo Lodge, where we had heard there were walk in seats available despite a full reservation list, and sure enough, there were seats available.  We had lots of enjoyable dishes, but I took a photo of the dessert, which was super tasty (meyer lemon semifreddo with Maine blueberries!)

It was a delicious way to end our day in North Haven. 

3 Replies to “Good eats in North Haven”

  1. the careys are loving your posts because they help us dream! come visit us in south florida this a sail mecca, and i want to see Patricks’ very grey mane in person.

    1. It would be so great to see you all…it’s been too long! Florida is not currently in our (loose) plan for the year, but we will keep you in mind…perhaps you would fancy a Caribbean vacation over the winter?!

  2. Lovely adventure, picking Cherries and wonderful walks and blue skies not to mention a gigantic lobster claw and a delicious sweet treat!!
    What a wonderful day y’all have had. We love following these great adventures. ♥️🙏🙏🙏♥️
    Phyllis and David

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