More Annapolis adventures, together and apart

Patrick and Cecelia spent a few days on Oestara in Annapolis together at the beginning of October without Melissa. Substitute Teacher Daddy worked out pretty well! They did a neat scavenger hunt in Annapolis that took them to some cool spots, and went on some daddy/daughter adventures, too.

Melissa was up in NYC for some medical appointments (all is well!) and took advantage of being there for a few days to enjoy a Sondheim revival on Broadway (two thumbs up!) as well as to meet some friends for meals and more generally soak up the best parts of the city in early fall. It was admittedly pretty weird being in NYC without a home to go home to…but it was fun to just visit, too.

Back in Annapolis after a few days, it was nice to be reunited, and I must say, being back on the boat felt like coming home, so that’s a good thing!

Patrick celebrated by having me send him up the rig, again. He had to put in a new anchor light at the top of the rig, and he also installed new deck lights on the spreaders. Those deck lights have never worked as long as we have owned this boat. It’s a whole new day around here!

We even had a pretty nice sunset. (I have been missing photos of sunsets a lot lately; will try to be better!)

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