A fun first weekend in Annapolis

Friday, September 29th was our 11th wedding anniversary, and Cecelia started it off right by making us some coffee in the morning!

Yep, 11 years ago we were dressed up and having a big ol’ party in Austin. We had a blast!

We had dinner on Friday night with our friends Blake and Julia and their two daughters Virginia and Charlotte, at The Boatyard, which is one of our favorite restaurants, not just in Annapolis, but ever. (Definitely check it out if you are ever here!) Blake and Julia also helped us out by receiving some boat parts we had to ship in advance to Annapolis, so a big thanks to them for that.

I managed to not get any photos of all of us together, sadly, but did snap this one of the girls on their way to the playground after dinner.

The next morning, we rode scooters to the Amazon Locker a few miles away, to pick up a number of packages we’d ordered (boat parts, naturally). Cecelia has been in love with rental ride-share scooters ever since we used them to get around Paris last fall, so she was pretty stoked to find out Annapolis has a plethora of them all around!

Cecelia was also super excited to spend a couple of days with her friend Perrine from back in Jersey City. Perrine and her parents, Matt and Lorene, drove down to see us for the weekend. (Matt had also joined us for our journey north from Rye to Portland at the beginning of this adventure!)

We walked around town together on Saturday and took a tour of the U.S. Naval Academy.

We ended the day by stuffing ourselves with oysters, crab dip, and crabcakes at the Boatyard (two nights in a row–might be a record!) Then Cecelia and Perrine got to have a sleepover at the Airbnb Perrine and her family were staying at. It was a treat for all.

Thanks for coming to see us, Bourg family! Hope you enjoyed Annapolis!

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