A Pretty Day in Rockland

Maybe it was just that our heads were finally working (yayyyyy), but July 20th started off with a beautiful blue sky!  

We had breakfast on the boat and decided to borrow a courtesy car again for some additional errands: mailing Patrick’s work computer back to the company, picking up a few things at Harbor Freight and Home Depot, getting some cash from a local bank, and seeing if we could procure a stainless steel strut for our new motor mount from a local canvas shop.

Back on the boat, Cecelia and Patrick got the new motor mount installed.  We have a gas outboard as well as an electric one (a Torqueedo), and we wanted to give the electric one a better storage spot.  It’s been hanging out in its bag in our guest cabin when we’re not using it.  Takes up a lot of room!  Hence the new mount. 

Looks pretty good!  

In the afternoon, we walked into town to check out the Maine Lighthouse Museum (it’s small but it was interesting; I didn’t take any pictures), a couple of sporting goods stores, and a local chocolate factory called Bixby’s. We picked up some tasty treats and worked our way back to the boat, after one final stop at Hamilton Marine for some flexible tubing to add a stronger circulating fan to our top loading fridge.   (We and Hamilton Marine are totally best buds now.  I think we’ve gone there at least once if not twice a day since we arrived in Rockland.)  We had also stashed bags for shore showers before walking into town, so we stopped off to get cleaned up and then we hit the dock party that Safe Harbor was holding that night.

We met some nice folks at the party and chatted about our year-long sailing plans while having some local beers and food.   No need to cook dinner tonight!

The light on the boats in the harbor was pretty this evening, and sunset was too. 

Oestara looked not too shabby herself as we arrived back at the boat after the party. 

Our friend Lisa arrived around 9 pm to hang out with us for a few days.  Patrick picked her up at the dock and brought her back to the boat, where we toasted her arrival and made some plans for the weekend before we all headed to bed. 

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