Fun and games

On February 24, the Regatta had a family sandcastle building competition on the beach behind Chat & Chill. Cecelia decided we’d make Captain Soggy Doggy’s castle, while Adeline made a sculpture of Captain Soggy Doggy right next to it. Super cute.

We had lunch at Peace & Plenty and Cecelia checked out their swings.

The next day we managed to score a new (to us) dinghy motor, bringing our dink’s horsepower up from 3.5 to 8! Patrick enjoyed taking Cecelia out for a rip.

I baked some buttermilk biscuits and completely forgot to take photos (oops). We had another pot luck on the beach with a bunch of friends and they were gone in a flash.

On the 26th, there were family games on shore, which turned out to be just kid games (parents were more than happy to spectate!) and they were a lot of fun for all.

The games were run by Amy and Brett on Joule, and they did a fantastic job!

I borrowed this photo of a bunch of boats at anchor in Georgetown from another boater’s post on Facebook – Oestara is there, I promise! We are right in front of a big navy blue and white trawler that is almost halfway down the photo and about 1/3 of the way in from the left side. Our dinghy is right behind our boat, on the starboard side.

Which brings us to the close of yet another day.

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