A Coconut Challenge!

One of the events in the Regatta was called the Coconut Challenge, which required a four person team and a dinghy without a motor. We didn’t know much else about it, but it sounded like a good time! πŸ™‚ Three of the other moms in our group (Tammy from Buffalo V, Tamar from African Dream, and Jade from Moxie) and I signed up as the “Bahama Mamas.”

Rules: wear lifejackets, one snorkel flipper per person, no engine allowed. Go find the coconuts in the water and bring them back to the beach to be counted. Then there would be a second part of the contest involving throwing coconuts? Okay….we’ll do it!

And we’re off!

The wind was pushing all the coconuts back toward shore, so we employed a “work smarter, not harder” approach and ventured over to where not many other dinghies had gone, to field all the coconuts drifting our way. This was moderately successful, to our delight.

Eventually we were worn out and decided we’d just call it good and head back to shore.

We wound up with 63 coconuts…nowhere near the most, but not the least, either!

The second part of the contest involved each of us standing in a line and throwing two coconuts over a volleyball net, trying to get closest to the center of the target drawn on the sand. We had a respectable showing, with most of our team’s coconuts landing in the inner ring, right next to the bullseye.

We had a great time, even though our score didn’t climb high enough to warrant the award of a bottle of rum (hey, it’s the Bahamas, what did you think the prize was going to be?)

We all enjoyed a quiet afternoon after our efforts!

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