A quick visit, and the start of Regatta

Tuesday February 20th marked the arrival of our friend Roman to hang out with us for a few days. We had thought his flight home was going to be on Saturday, but it turned out it would actually be Friday, so we scratched our plans of sailing with him to Long Island for a couple of days (not enough time to do that!) Instead, we decided that we would get involved in all things Regatta – a two week series of events here in George Town, all run by volunteers from the cruising community. There were a bunch of kid activities on the schedule, as well as all kinds of fun for the adults, too, including some actual sailboat racing, which we were definitely looking forward to.

But first, there was a kids’ beach get-together on Flip Flop Beach. Cecelia and I tagged along with African Dream while Patrick picked Roman up in town.

The next day, the kids started building small boats that they would race the following week.

It was pretty neat to see what kind of cool boat each of the kids could make with all kinds of random materials. More on that in a future post!

On the 22nd, the guys planned to participate in a poker run with our friend Ben from WanderTwins, and I took Cecelia nad her friend Prestley from Buffalo V to the beach for the day. Before we got going for the day, though, Cecelia opened a package that Roman had brought for her.

Such a hit! And it goes with her swimsuit! She tried it out for some snorkeling off the dinghy that morning, but needed to give it a bit more practice on the beach later in the day.

Addie and Prestley came over to hang out after our beach time.

Sadly, the 23rd came quickly, and we had to say goodbye to Roman, but I managed to remember to get a photo before he got in the cab to the airport!

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