A few more days in Spanish Wells

We had planned to leave Spanish Wells on the 30th, but the weather said otherwise. It was raining something fierce when we got up, and it kept raining alll day. So, we stuck around, hung out on the boat, and decided we’d wait until it made more sense to leave.

The next day, the weather was nicer, but we decided to stay another day again. It was the 1st of December (how did we get to the 1st of December already?!), and we decided to rent a golf cart and see some other parts of the island that were too far for walking. That morning when we got up, we had some fun visitors to our boat, too!

After we finished school that morning, we drove out to Russell Island, which is attached to Spanish Wells via a small bridge, and stopped at a place called the Sandbar for lunch.

We drove around for a little bit after lunch and discovered these cool little canals where people were keeping boats.

We went to the grocery store for a few provisions, and also stopped at a place called the Islander Shop, where we picked up some fabric and a few Christmas decorations. Before we headed back to the boat, we drove to the end of Spanish Wells, where a cute little Christmas tree was decorated out on the point.

Back at the boat, we started working on some Christmas decorations of our own. Final outcome to be revealed tomorrow.

After nightfall, we jumped back in the golf cart to go see Christmas lights around the island. (Folks here had clearly been counting down the days to December, because as soon as December 1 came, all the decor was up!) We especially wanted to see the Russell Island bridge all lit up, as we had heard that was pretty cool. It was definitely cool…my favorite was the yard of palm trees that someone creatively decorated, though.

We planned to leave Spanish Wells at high tide the next day, but we were glad to have had this extra night to enjoy some of the island’s holiday spirit.

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