Exploring Blue Hill

We woke to a beautiful day (thank goodness August’s weather has on the whole been much better than July’s!) and we headed to shore to check things out in Blue Hill.

First stop, Bucklyn Coffee. I haven’t had an oat latte in a couple of months, and it was great. We also ventured to the hardware store, the local wine shop, and continuing our usual theme, the bookstore — Blue Hill Books.

We found some good things at the wine shop and the bookstore, and swung by the dinghy to stow them away before venturing up a long hill to get to the Blue Hill Co-Op to try to find some lunch.

We picked up a few groceries at the co-op and lunch nearby, and then went to see if we could find a place to picnic. On the way back down the hill, we stopped at Johnson’s Shellfish and picked up two pounds of mussels, a pound of clams, and some blueberry cake. We were definitely going to have a feast for dinner!

We found a pond on our way back down the hill and had our picnic lunch.

We passed a popsicle stand on the way back to the dock and felt like we had to stop. The Blue Chill (haha) had so many fun flavors to choose from!

We chatted with Chris for a while about moving onto the boat and our plans for the year. He and his family had travelled for a while in the camper in their driveway, so it was fun to connect about choosing to take alternative paths. Chris, thanks for the tasty treats and hope you and the family have a great rest of the summer!

Back at the dinghy dock, we loaded ourselves and all of our purchases up and headed back to Oestara.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the scenery.

Then we had our seafood feast, and watched the sun go down.

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  1. Pink skies at night sailors delight,
    We love reading about the Blue Hill and the skies do look bigger there!

    Love and prayers,
    Phyllis and David

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