Another Southwest Harbor stop

On Thursday the 17th, we left Blue Hill and headed back to Southwest Harbor.

(For those who are curious why we’re back in SW Harbor yet again: I had found an acupuncturist there the previous week to help with some pain I’ve been having, so we made a plan to be there again on the 17th for another appointment. Sarah Tewhey is a magician with those needles, if anyone is looking for an acupuncturist in the Mount Desert area!)

I took another picture of the Bass Harbor light as we passed over the bar in the opposite direction (our featured photo on this post). When we got tied up in the harbor, we headed to shore, and Patrick and Cecelia went to the library while I went to acupuncture. I met them at the library afterward, and we did a little departure planning using PredictWind Offshore. You can enter information on your boat speed under both sail and power, and a time and date of planned departure, and it will show you how long it will take to get where you want to go, and what the wind and weather will be like on your way.

It looked like there would be a weather window to leave Maine the following week, so we put that in the back of our minds to think about over the weekend.

Check out this boat we spotted on our way back to Oestara; the owner seems to have deployed a unique bird-scaring tactic.

We tried to go back to Peter Trout to get dinner, but it was closed for a private event, so we wound up at Beal’s Lobster.

We really enjoyed it! We shared a table with a lovely couple from Houston, Kent and Sally, who were both retired schoolteachers from Klein High School. Sally is also an Aggie (whoop!) It was fun chatting with them about Texas, the Astros, our boat plans, and how they are enjoying retirement.

The next day was a total rainy wash out, so we just stayed on the boat all day. A rest day is never a bad thing. Plus we got to use some local wild blueberries we picked up at the Blue Hill Co-Op to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Not much else to report for that day.

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