Heading to Blue Hill

After our overnight at Little Cranberry, we decided to make our way up to Blue Hill.  We have been there before; we hid out in Blue Hill in 2020 when Hurricane Isaias came through.  This time there were no hurricanes to duck, thankfully!  

It was a grey morning as we left.

We passed Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse after we went across the Bass Harbor Bar (a tiny channel to let you pass more closely to Mount Desert Island). By now you know I am compelled to take pictures of lighthouses.

When we got up into Blue Hill Bay, we found it was full of seals!  I have never seen so many in one place – we must have seen a dozen?  It was a bonafide seal party!  I finally got some good pictures too; seals are hard to catch on camera.

The weather also improved as we got closer to the harbor, as you can see in our featured photo for this post, and in the photos below.

We decided to anchor in the inner harbor for the night.  We found a spot we thought would work amongst all the other boats, and set the anchor.  After a little while, we decided we were too close to some rocks that would continue to emerge further at low tide.  So we pulled the anchor up and reset it, no big deal.  We were much happier with it the second time!  Practicing anchoring is always good, anyway.

We stayed on the boat for the rest of the night, because the town dock in Blue Hill is high and dry a couple of hours before and after low tide, which was rapidly approaching.   But we made plans to hit the shore in the morning.  

The sunset was what I can only call stunning.

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