Back where it all started…Marsh Harbour

The next morning, we left Snake Cay (the smoke from the trash fire on shore was kind of a bummer!) and zipped around the corner to Marsh Harbour.

We found a mostly deep spot to drop our anchor inside the harbor (it was kind of sketchy depth-wise, but the best we could find), and headed to shore to get stuff done. First we went over to Island Boy tackle to get some lures for Patrick to catch more fish. Kevin, the owner of Island Boy, was a huge help, and we had a great conversation about sailing, YouTube channels, and growing up/living in the Bahamas.

We stopped at Colors for lunch, and it was fun to be back where we started all of this in November!

After stuffing ourselves with lunch, we hoofed it to Maxwell’s to get groceries, and boy did it feel good to be inside a huge almost-American-style grocery store. If you didn’t look at the prices too closely you could almost fool yourself!

Back to the boat to put everything away, and then later in the day, I returned to shore to do laundry. The laundromat in Marsh Harbor is huge and clean, and it was a pleasant couple of hours (which is not something one usually says about doing laundry!)

Patrick picked up some dinghy fuel and water while I was doing laundry, and just like that, we had accomplished all our tasks for the day.

We realized upon our return to the boat that we were likely going to be settling into the sand at low tide overnight (the tides were on a bigger swing than usual due to the new moon/spring tides), which was a little bit annoying. Oh well – at least getting all these errands done in one day means we will be ready to move on to a new spot first thing tomorrow!

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