Once more to Bar Harbor and LCI

The 19th found us making one final swing through Bar Harbor, to meet up with Melissa’s former work colleague, Tami, who had flown in the day before and was enjoying Acadia National Park.  

Before we could depart Southwest Harbor, though, Patrick noticed a neighboring boat’s jib had started to peel itself loose. He rowed our dinghy over to hop on board and re-furl it, as the owner didn’t appear to be around.

After that was taken care of, we got underway to Bar Harbor. Cecelia busied herself with books on how to be a pirate (watch out! she’s a tough one!) and Patrick and I just enjoyed the scenery along the way.

I picked Tami up at the town dinghy dock and brought her out to Oestara. We went out for a lovely day sail in some fresh breeze.

I didn’t take that many photos as we were too busy sailing and eating cheese and catching up.

We headed back to shore for dinner and then Patrick and Cecelia headed home for bedtime. Bunny wanted to party, so she stayed out with Tami and Melissa for drinks. (Just kidding, she was our designated driver.)

Tami, it was so much fun to see you and I’m glad you had a blast in Bar Harbor and sailing with us!

The next day we departed Bar Harbor and headed back to Little Cranberry Island. We had decided that weather window to Marblehead that would open on Monday was a window we were going to jump on, and LCI would be a good quiet place to spend the night before departing for that 24-hour passage.

Sunset that night was a nice farewell to Maine.

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  1. How I wish I could have joined the fun! If Tami is still there, let her know I said hello and hugs to you all😊

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