Another Junkanoo!

**Note: I finally spent a bunch of time updating the All the Sunsets page…all the Bahamas sunsets from November until now can be found there!**

February 17 brought a special event: a cruisers’ Junkanoo! The Junkanoo groups from George Town worked with some of the cruisers to create a mini-Junkanoo team and put on a parade in the afternoon at the government docks in town. They shared some of their costume components, taught folks to drum, and assembled “all-star” teams from each of the Junkanoo groups to show us how it’s really done after the cruisers’ team went by.

It wasn’t the full spectacle we had enjoyed in January, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. The kids all got to enjoy it too, since it was in the afternoon and not late at night. We grabbed sushi for dinner (a rare treat!) at the Exuma Yacht Club with the Alpenglo crew before calling it a night.

The next couple of days were pretty low-key as the weather was on the fritz again…grey and rainy, with lots of wind. There were some clear skies now and again, though. Cecelia played with Addie on African Dream, and we also met Natalie on Taka’oa. Natalie’s mom, Vee, who is from the Philippines, made some delicious pinaypay (banana fritters!) for us to snack on. Yum! It was a wet dinghy ride back and forth from their boat and it rained almost the entire time we were there…but making new friends (and those delicious fritters!) were worth it. πŸ™‚

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