Winter Harbor bound

On August 11, we left SW Harbor and sailed to a new harbor to us–Winter Harbor.  We had a nice sail over, finally getting some good breeze in the right direction!   We also had a brief radio chat with the captain of a Nova Scotia-to-Maine ferry that looked to be approaching us rather quickly.  Just wanted to make sure he was going to take our stern, which indeed was the plan, and he was the nicest guy, too–even told us to enjoy our afternoon!  Friendly radio traffic is such a pleasure. 🙂 

We also passed the Winter Harbor Lighthouse on our way in.  It’s always fun taking photos of lighthouses. 

We were greeted by a friendly launch driver for Winter Harbor Yacht Club, and shortly after arriving, we took the launch in to check out the…..pool (a rare treat!) 

It was a quiet afternoon at the pool and Cecelia was super entertained by the diving board. 

Back at the boat, we each found things to do.  Cecelia decided to get out a cross stitch she hadn’t started yet.  I took some photos.  Patrick took a nap.  🙂 

Sometimes it’s all about just enjoying being on the boat. We were resting up for a big day the next day…our whole reason for coming to Winter Harbor (hint: it has to do with lobster…)

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  1. What a beautiful day.
    Were are y’all headed next? We love following y’all so much. We can’t get over how cecelia has grown she’s a lovely I know y’all are proud parents.

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