The fog stays…until it’s gone

So, there was yet again a bunch of fog on Monday morning, just as predicted.  Well, first order of the day: coffee.  We use a (plastic) french press and it’s enough for the two of us…but on days like today we will probably make a second batch. 

Patrick went to shore for a bit and I finally got down to business replacing the non-skid on our companionway stairs.  It’s been on my list for weeks as the old non skid was peeling up, but I just hadn’t had a quiet moment to pattern the old stuff and cut out the new stuff.  Looks pretty good now.  Patrick also discovered the lines for our fridge compressor are frosting over, so that prompted the creation of a new amazon order to be sent down the line to a future destination, including some new insulation for the lines, amongst additional exciting head fixing-related items. 

We busted out some card decks and a new book of Hoyle card games (card games are great on the boat!)  I taught Cecelia to play solitaire (Whitehead and Klondike), and then I looked up some new solitaire versions that might be fun.  I tried out Monte Carlo.  It took me about a dozen games before I won, but it’s a pretty fun one. 

Fog was just not budging, so we decided to stay another night at Sebasco.  No rush to leave (gotta love not having a schedule!)  We made a run to shore around 5 pm hoping to get a drink and a snack at the restaurant, but as luck would have it, it was closed on Mondays.  Oh well.  We went back to the cards and learned to play Kings in the Corners before deciding to call it a night.  Didn’t even get a sunset photo, thanks to the fog.

But! The next morning, lo and behold, the skies had cleared!  Brilliant. 

We motored to our next destination, Derecktor Robinhood, a few hours away.  Tried to put the jib out but the wind just wasn’t enough.  There was beautiful scenery along the way, though.  We passed by Seguin Light on Seguin Island, and the Cuckolds Light off Cape Newagen. 

The last little bit getting to Robinhood is supposed to have a pretty fierce current but we managed to catch it at a bit of a lull.  The osprey nest on one of the daymarkers on the channel was impressive though!  Cecelia came up to check it out.

We grabbed our mooring and surveyed the surroundings.  Not too shabby, and what a gorgeous day! 

We headed to shore to meet Patrick’s college roommate Phil, who would be aboard with us for a few days before heading down to DC for his next Army assignment. 

Phil took us on a grocery run (thanks, Phil!) and Cecelia drove the dinghy back and forth for grocery delivery out to the boat. We had a delicious lobster dinner to celebrate a fun day and Phil’s arrival. Some games of Uno then were had.

Cecelia struck the ensign for colors, and the day was done.

6 Replies to “The fog stays…until it’s gone”

  1. I am so curious and excited about your adventure (and a bit jealous). Do you have a schedule on where you are going for the year? Where do you get Amazon packages shipped to? Finally, I love the life vest Cecelia has. Where did you get it? Thanks and have fun!

    1. Thanks Natasha! It’s been an adventure so far…lots of highs and lows. (Head problems being most of the lows this past couple of weeks…hopefully to be solved soon.) Our schedule is pretty loose and can be found on “The Plan” page on this website. As for Amazon and other mail that we need, we are working that out as we go. We are in Rockland right now and knew we would be here about a week in advance, so we had some packages sent to the marina we’re at. And Cecelia’s life vest is a Spinlock Cento, which is a kid-sized inflatable; Landfall Navigation is where we got it, I think.

  2. Now of all the information, my question is… why a plastic French press??? Can I send you a stainless steel one, please! The only thing I need is your next address;-)

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