Swimming in the washing machine

One of the things we were looking forward to at Shroud Cay was a long dinghy ride from the Bank side of the island through the mangroves to the Sound side. We had heard there might be turtles and beautiful scenery along the way!

When we reached the other side of the island, we found a beach we could pull the dinghy up onto, and a gorgeous view beyond.

We walked over to the beach facing the sound, and the colors there were pretty magical. The sand might be the softest we’ve found in the Bahamas, too.

We plopped down our beach chairs and had some lunch, and then it was time to try the washing machine! As the tide changes, it pulls current through this cut between the rocks, and you can ride it around and around.

Cecelia went first with her dad.

That was fun! Now it’s mom’s turn.

Cecelia went back a few more times, and took the GoPro camera with her.

After we’d had our fill of the washing machine, we made a quick hike up the hill to get a better view.

Soon we had to hop in the dinghy to head back, as the tide was going out, and we needed to make sure we made it out of the mangroves before the water got too shallow.

Cecelia wanted to get in and swim through the channels for a bit.

We stopped just before the entrance to swim off the beach there, too.

Back at the boat, I made some pitas (we were running low on bread for lunches!), and Cecelia and Patrick made some lures for fishing in the coming days.

We were definitely enjoying our stay at Shroud Cay!

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