More snorkeling and a move to Shroud Cay

The morning of March 13, we got into our swimsuits and dinghied over to some coral heads near our anchorage at Emerald Rock for a bit of snorkeling.

We even spotted a mermaid!

All in all we hit a few different coral heads and saw lots of different things at each one, so it was a successful trip!

We headed back to the boat, got the salt water off of ourselves, and readied the boat to head to the next anchorage.

It was a light wind day, and nice and flat. It was nicely sunny and we had to turn the motor on as we couldn’t carry the jib, so we enjoyed Starlink during the journey. I have to say, starting the day with snorkeling and then getting on the move in nice weather was really a great way to start the day right.

Patrick had high hopes for fish, as we sailed outside the park boundaries, but all we caught was a barracuda. πŸ™

We arrived at Shroud Cay and anchored in 12 ft of blue water. White tailed tropic birds were flying around, making their distinctive calls. Patrick and Cecelia went on a dinghy exploration shortly after we got the anchor down, and we looked forward to exploring more the next day.

Cecelia asked Patrick to help her learn how to make ramen and fried eggs for dinner (it was a long day of travel…ramen is an easy dinner that everyone likes!) And the sun set on yet another lovely day.

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